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Added to the prewar Dodge pages 11th December 2004 - a rare LCX van
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Join the UK Dodge Register

This site is in its formative stages and will be added to over the coming months. If you'd like to register yourself as an owner of a US, UK or Canadian built Dodge and live in the UK, please email me with the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your preferred contact method (phone number, email address etc)
  • Year of your Dodge truck
  • Country of Build (US, UK or Canada)
  • Model of your Dodge truck
  • Any special history, restoration details, stories etc
  • Confirmation that your happy to be added to the site register
I will then publish your details on the relevant register page, hopefully building up a network of contacts for new owners, or existing owners of Dodge trucks like yours who need advice, or are looking to buy or sell spare parts for your Dodge. Please spread the word, the more Dodge truck owners who are included here the more help we can all give each other. Whereas Bedford and Morris owners are quite plentiful, discerning buyers of elderly Dodge trucks are much thinner on the ground! If you have any digital photographs of your Dodge I'll happily include them on my site, I'll need them in jpeg format and no larger than 80-100k please (no broadband here!).

You can contact me by emailing

Kew (UK) built Dodge from the early 1950s, fitted with the straight 6 sidevalve engine from Canada
This rare Kew built Dodge truck, one of 2 owned by Christine Thomas (see Kew Register page), is part of an extensive collection of restored old trucks, more of which can be read about by clicking here for the Griffin Trust website.
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
Click here for these and other Old Dodge Trucks books for sale!
Hell Drivers out on DVD, probably the most famous appearances ever of Kew Dodges being worked to the limit back in 1957
Click here to buy the DVD
1941 Job Rated Dodge advert
Kew Dodge advert
Military WW2 Dodge ambulance
Civilian US Dodge pickup