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Added to the prewar Dodge pages 11th December 2004 - a rare LCX van
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Fargo Owners

I am hoping to build a simple but useful register of Dodge owners (primarily in the UK), this page for owners of the Fargo variants in particular. Finding parts for all Dodge trucks, particularly for the more obscure civilian or military variants, is less than easy especially in the UK.

Hopefully if people sign up to this simple Fargo register (click here to join the Dodge register) it'll help people get in touch with fellow owners of Fargo & similar Dodges, restored or rusty, to aid their restoration or get advice & help.

[Also see the Fargo Page 1]

195? Fargo lorry in Australia
Ian's been sending me numerous photos showing great old trucks that he's found, mostly in abandoned condition, across Australia.

Among the classic wagons he's sent photos of, is this great Fargo, which is more or less identical to the UK Dodge Kew range. Despite having been dumped in long grass for many many years, the Australian climate has been very kind to the tinwork on this 1950s survivor. A light dusting of rust is all that's visible, plus a minor ding on the cab roof.

Fortunately Ian has been able to rescue this old lorry, to add to his collection of similarly old machines.

1939 Fargo in South Africa
"My name is Gerhard, from South Africa. I own a 1939 fargo , No history of my truck yet."

One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
Click here for these and other Old Dodge Trucks books for sale!
Hell Drivers out on DVD, probably the most famous appearances ever of Kew Dodges being worked to the limit back in 1957
Click here to buy the DVD
1941 Job Rated Dodge advert
Kew Dodge advert
Military WW2 Dodge ambulance
Civilian US Dodge pickup