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Added to the prewar Dodge pages 11th December 2004 - a rare LCX van
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Other Old Dodge Truck Sites

Here are a few more (mostly US) Dodge truck sites I've found over the years from around the world that cater for fans of older, pre-1960, lorries.
If you'd like your Dodge site including here, drop me a line via the Contact page and we can do a link swap.
1954 Dodge transporter (ex NASCAR) An original NASCAR hauler with its old race car, pulled from the undergrowth
Dodge Kew 1950 model "Denne bussen ble bestilt hos O.C.Axelsens karosserifabrikki Flekkefjord av Gabriel Drangsland i Lyngdal.........(Norwegian site covering an as-found Dodge Kew)"
Rawge's Dodge Project "My son and I worked on restoring this 1950 Dodge truck for over a year. We found it when some ole boy dragged it out to the road and hung a "for sale" sign on it........"
Brief history of Dodge in the U.K. "The American company Dodge Brothers was assembling its imported parts in Britain in 1922 and in 1933 commenced manufacture of British chassis........"
Vintage Commercial Vehicles mag. "Dodge type D-307 Tipper Lorry Built 1962....Dodge type D-60 Flatbed Lorry Built 1942.....Kew 105 Dodges.."
Gordon's WW2 Dodge Forum THE place to discuss WW2 Army Dodge issues online.......
The WWII Dodge Site "This site is all about the famous Dodge trucks used in World War II. From the earliest VC and VF models to the very last WC models, you'll find it here......."
WW2 Dodge Motor Pool "...step back in time to the WW2 Dodge Motor Pool and wander up and down the rows of mighty four wheel drive WW2 Dodge military vehicles......."
1942 Dodge WC-52 "These are the photos of my new WC-52 Dodge Weapons Carrier......."
Oldtimer Picture Gallery Great Russian image archive of older Dodge (mostly military) trucks.......
1939-1947 Dodge Truck Registry "This page is dedicated to all those folks who are interested in the early trucks of the "Job-Rated" era. The light trucks built by Dodge, Fargo, Plymouth and Desoto from 1939, on through the War, and postwar until 1947......."
Dodge Power Giants (Images) "This Gallery is dedicated to all the owners and their Dodge Trucks in all their many shapes and forms. You are the ones who are not afraid to be different......."
1946 Dodge Truck "This page chronicles my experiences with Dodge trucks, specifically older flathead 6 powered ones. The first was a 1946 Dodge 1-1/2 ton truck......."
Dodge Power Wagon "To You - THE OWNER OF THE FINEST TRUCK BUILT - You have made a wise decision in the selection of this Dodge "Job-Rated" Power Wagon. Your choice exemplifies sound judgement of truck values and operating economy......."
Dodge COE Trucks "Here are some cool Dodge COE pics......."
1948 Dodge 1.5 Ton COE Nice photos of a COE Dodge truck for sale..........
Historical Fire Engines Europe Images of old, Dodge based, fire engines and appliances..........
The Pea Harvest (!) Scroll down this site a bit for a nice 1950s Kew Dodge photo..........
1955 Dodge Kew Tipper Nice photo of a restored 1955 Kew tipper truck..........
Dodge Classic Trucks (USA) More antique Dodge commercials..........
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
Click here for these and other Old Dodge Trucks books for sale!
Hell Drivers out on DVD, probably the most famous appearances ever of Kew Dodges being worked to the limit back in 1957
Click here to buy the DVD
1941 Job Rated Dodge advert
Kew Dodge advert
Military WW2 Dodge ambulance
Civilian US Dodge pickup