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Added to the prewar Dodge pages 11th December 2004 - a rare LCX van
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Welcome to Old Dodge Trucks.

Up until now there has been little on the web for UK owners and enthusiasts of English & American Dodge trucks, especially civilian versions. With this brand new site I hope to bring together owners of all types of older Dodge trucks, primarily those owned in the British Isles, catering for both Military and Civilian types built upto and including the 1950s.

As I'm a fan of the civilian styled Dodges (military types get plenty of coverage on other sites), I'd be happy to feature examples of civvy pattern trucks owned by people outside of the UK too. So far I've had submissions sent in from the owner of a Dodge Fargo in Australia, and a very nice D15 owned in Vienna, Austria.

Despite the huge variety of models that this covers, there are often surprising similarities under the skin, for example many of the Kew Dodges ran Canadian-sourced straight 6 sidevalve engines, also to be found beneath the bonnet (hood!) of many US and Canadian military versions. With spares often being tricky to find, especially this side of the pond, I hope to make this a central place to call by for all UK Dodge truck owners, so whether your chosen Dodge is a pristine show example, or recently dragged up from the bottom of a canal, please get in touch and contribute to the network of owners and their vehicles that I hope to feature at this site.

October 2005 General Updates.
Dodge KC
NEW (Added 24 October 05) I've added a forum especially for anyone wanting to discuss pre-1960 Dodge lorries. It is hosted over on my old car website forum, see link in the left hand menu for more details.

Quite a few other updates have been made to this site, catching up with material sent in over the last 2 or 3 months. A second Dodge Kew page has been added, featuring an unusual Kew-based fire appliance in Holland. Another page has also been added, featuring a D15 Canadian Dodge that is receiving a thorough restoration in Malta. I recently received news about a rare 1920s stepside pickup that had been found in a barn, stored since 1930 would you believe. A new page has been added for this '20s truck. Several existing pages have also received some updates and new information: check out the WC51, WC54 and 1930s Dodge pages for more information, including details of this KC shown here!

If you can contribute something to this project please get in touch, all stories of heroic restoration, recollections of Dodges from your youth etc etc all eagerly welcomed! All types of truck welcomed - civilian, military, pickup, panel van, coachbuilt, flatbed, ambulance, tipper, whatever!! and in any condition! So no matter if you are a Hell Drivers wannabee, or WW2 re-enactor with a WC53, please join the register. Likewise, if you can help with supplying rare parts, please let me know.

Dodge VK 3 ton
This is the old truck that got me interested in things Dodge-related, built in Detroit 1940, and shipped over to Mulliners in England. They bodied it as a RAF crewbus coach, and was used on wartime airfields in the UK. Post WW2 it was sold off at a dispersal auction and lightly modified for a new civilian life as a racing car transporter, until being laid up in 1955.

On another old vehicles site, I have set up a free service for listing old truck parts either on sale, or wanted for a project. To have a look at this new free resource, you can visit this online old truck parts autojumble here. Rick Jones 2005
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
One of many Dodge trucks books on sale
Click here for these and other Old Dodge Trucks books for sale!
Hell Drivers out on DVD, probably the most famous appearances ever of Kew Dodges being worked to the limit back in 1957
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1941 Job Rated Dodge advert
Kew Dodge advert
Military WW2 Dodge ambulance
Civilian US Dodge pickup